Friday, May 16, 2014

Hello Happy Scrappers!

It has been so long since I took the time to blog.  Mostly I have been on a journey to down size and organize.  First was the organizing, then, because of that, came the downsizing.  This is not my first time to downsize (nor will it be my last).  Within the last year I have also changed departments at work.  It has been very challenging, but fulfilling.  So here is a "taste" of what has been going on.

I made an acrylic album for a friend.  It was a calender album.  I allowed for her to put pictures on each page. 

Two things to help you with if you do an acrylic album:
1-ALWAYS use Glossy Accents for the glue or another type that dries clear like that one
2-NEVER EVER forget that you can see what is on the opposite side and design accordingly.  You will need to realize that you have to design FRONT AND BACK at the same time.

Hope May is finding you guys happy!  Keep scrapping!