Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LD Tag Swap Grunge is in!

Hello Scrappers!

A couple of months ago I joined a tag swap.  I did two groups.  One had a French County Theme and the other was a Grunge Theme.  The hostess was wonderful to put up with what she did (there were a lot of tags)!  I wanted to take a moment and show off the ones I got back.  I think I was dumb and forgot to take pictures of mine.  I can't find any on my camera.  And I have to admit.  I am in an organizing mode right now so finding the ones I kept for myself...Well you can imagine.

Anyways, to the good stuff.  Sorry in advance for quality of pics.  I will try to get better ones with sunlight this weekend.  Here are my pretties!!!




  1. Hi Amanda! Tried to email you but it didn't recognize the address so I looked you up on internet. Just wanted to let you know that I recvd 2 of your tags. The Grunge and French Country. They are so gorgeous! Thank you for the love you put into them. I see you recv'd one of mine. It's the last one in your pics posted. It has been so fun doing this.
    Thanks again dear.

    Girlygirl777 or Kathy

    1. Sorry about that. I have turned it on. It should work now. I loved your cards and am drooling over the lace!